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When hiring a Chauffeur Car in Melbourne you need contact with a professional driver offering efficient car services at the best budget friendly rates. We service Melbourne, airports, all Melbourne suburbs and regional Victoria locations.

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We Accept Payment at time of transfer | Card transactions incur an additional 2.2% service fee

Book Private Transfers with top rated Chauffeur Booking Melbourne

Private driver services are delivered by vaccinated Melbourne Chauffeur with vehicles cleaned and sanitised prior to your pick up!

We follow Current Victoria Health and CPV standards.

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Book Private to Travel Safe in Melbourne

Are you planning a visit to Melbourne for work or play?

A private Airport Transfer booking will give you:

  • full cost transparency
  • door to door convenience
  • safety

You will travel with vaccinated professional drivers, with a clean vehicle presented to suit your passenger and luggage requirements.

A private transfer delivers a difference in travel time, comfort, convenience, and value.

Be greeted by your professional driver and be accompanied promptly to your destination.

Taking a group shuttle to and from the airport can be an alternative, it can also be both uncomfortable and time-consuming.

Making stops along the way until eventually reaching the depot takes time.

Once there will you have to find transport to arrive at your actual destination address by taxi, bus, tram or walk with your luggage?

Hiring rideshare can be an adequate experience if all goes to plan.

Booking Kojii’s private driver service grants you peace of mind in knowing you have your ground transport waiting for your arrival.

Will you leave yourself exposed to excessive pricing or waiting in lengthy queues?

Will you have your driver waiting to provide the most satisfying start and end to your visit in Melbourne?

How to book a private airport transfer?

Making a booking with Kojii is personalised and reliable.

Simply submit a quote with your details to receive a quote.

It’s up to you to accept the quote by return email and receive confirmation for your booking. Travelling with Kojii, your payment can be made at time of transfer.

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Airport Pick Up and Drop Off Services

COVID-19 Safe Transfers

Private car and driver with a responsible and reliable hire car service will provide you with a clean professional vehicle.

Don’t at anytime leave it to chance, hoping the vehicle you are travelling in is up to the necessary hygiene standards which we all expect since Covid-19 arrived in our world.

Chauffeur Booking Melbourne

Hire Chauffeur Booking Melbourne

With safety and wellbeing of clients and driver being our priority, we follow up to date advice of Federal & State Chief Medical Officers and Victorian Government departments supporting our industry – Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria (CPVV).

Providing peace of mind for clients and drivers

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Are you are looking for a regular transport service with hygienic precautions and reliability?

If so, then you need to know it’s time to connect with Kojii the reliable Melbourne Chauffeur offering private personalised transport with a black Euro fleet for hire.

The risk of transmission of COVID-19 can be minimised through the standard of hygiene and precautions our service offers 24/7

  • Chauffeur politely greets client with no physical contact
  • Vehicle is prepped. cleaned, disinfected and sanitised prior to pick up 
  • We practice social distancing standards
  • Wear masks
  • QR codes
  • Drivers are vaccinated
  • Hand sanitiser & hygiene wipes available

For the latest advice, information and resources, go to

Travel with KOJII & experience top rated 5 star transport offers


We accept payment at time of transfer

How will you experience November in Melbourne?

As the 2017 calendar ticks over to November Melbourne continues to provide us with a glorious selection of events ranging from plays, musicals, exhibitions, festivals, sport, fashion and numerous “things to do” like food establishments to check out and shopping to provide both visitors and locals an abundance of choice.

During spring the city of Melbourne sparkles. Whatever your interest you will find it in Melbourne.

Do you Manage the Travel Diary?

Corporate travel management can be overwhelming when you hold the Assistant role.

As an Assistant you are expected to have the answers when you are managing the Travel Diary, your colleague has the expectation of reliable and efficient chauffeur car hire in Melbourne organized by you.

Giving consideration to the business traveler, their life becomes the revolving doors of Hotels, Office locations and Airports. It is more than fair travelers experience a service that is both reliable and flexible to meet your travel itinerary at anytime. On occasion there may be instances when the schedule changes, having a Chauffeur driver you can text to make changes with is essential.


Partnering with a Chauffeur Car service, one waiting for arrivals and ready to transport to destinations with freshly detailed vehicles will give the astute Assistant assurance the supplier selected provides the service expected. Cost is also a factor and sometimes it can be beneficial to shop around.

A pre-booked chauffeur service relieves the stress of collecting your luggage, then attempting to organize a vehicle pick up. It allows the traveler the option to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride! A Chauffeur Car service is all about providing your travelers with door to door convenience.

Chauffeur Booking Melbourne provides meet and greet services and transfers in luxury. Experience the comfort of our hire vehicles & the service provided by our professional government accredited Melbourne Chauffeurs in hire car plated vehicles.