November 2019

Our family had never been in Australia before. We did not know Mr. Kojii before he was hired as the chauffeur for my family’s visit in Melbourne in Nov 2019 for a few days. As an entrepreneur with 30 years experience in hospitality industry, I have built up my intuition or guts to distinguish good and bad service personnel quickly, just after a very short moment of being together with him or her. Mr. Kojii is not only a perfect chauffeur with 100% safety consciousness, but also a perfectly service-minded man. Without being asked, he gave us a lot of personal care during the trips. For examples: my wife was allergic to something during a trip. Mr. Kojii drove us around to look for a pharmacy store to acquire the medication for her. I mentioned that I missed chocolate. The day after 3 chocolate bars were placed in front of my seat. I must commit myself to write this review about this wonderful guy. Ken Mak, Hong Kong.