COVID-19 Safe Plan


Purpose of the document is to ensure safety and wellbeing of Kojii Enterprises Pty Ltd people (employees, contractors) and visitors) during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

This plan details the arrangements Kojii Enterprises Pty Ltd has in place to keep employees, contractors and visitors safe while attending a Kojii Enterprises Pty Ltd vehicle. 

The plan sets out COVID-19 related arrangements/process Kojii Enterprises Pty Ltd has in place: 

  • Safe vehicle workplace arrangements 
  • Arrangements for our peoples’ physical and mental wellbeing 
  • Process to handle a suspected/confirmed case of COVID-19 whilst in service

Kojii Enterprises Pty Ltd Pandemic Response Plan outlines the strategic approach to minimise the impacts and consequences of pandemic influenza on our people and industry.

COVID-19 Safe plan sets out the details of actions and controls specific to coronavirus pandemic.

KOJII arrangements to keep workplace COVID-19 safe

To mitigate the risk of COVID-19 introduction or spread at workplace, Kojii Enterprises Pty Ltd has taken following actions

  1. Workforce Hygiene
  2. Vehicle Cleaning
  3. Workplace Redesign
  4. Record Keeping

These safe vehicle controls have been implemented to our Black Fleet Euro vehicles

Workforce Hygiene

GuidanceAction to mitigate the introduction and spread of COVID-19
  Provide and promote hand sanitizer availability and ensure adequate supplies are available for passengers. Guidance  Hand sanitation for passengers’ hand sanitiser bottles, hand towels and wipes.
  Where possible: enhance airflow by opening windows and adjusting air conditioning in vehicles.    Air condition of all vehicles is set for optimal airflow.
In areas where it is required, ensure all people wear a face covering, unless a lawful exception applies. Ensure adequate face coverings are available to people that do not have their own.   All employees (and contractors) have been supplied with face masks   Kojii has a stock of disposal masks for use by people as required.    Along with masks disinfect sprays, garbage bags to dispose the used gloves and disposable masks, hand sanitisers to keep in vehicles.   It is a mandatory requirement for people travelling in Kojii vehicles always wear a mask.   Our people are educated about appropriate use of masks and other PPEs and safe disposal after use.  
  Provide training to our people on the correct use and disposal of face coverings, and on good hygiene practices and slowing the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).    Kojii regularly communicates about updated information on  Daily information from Victorian PremierUpdates from DHHS   For all communications, use DHHS as single source of truth, along with the advice in emails, or DHHS website for more information on latest advice and importance of good hygiene is reinforced at all time in all communication with drivers and passengers.  
  Replace high-touch communal items with alternatives.    No sharing of equipment unless it is absolute necessary and special care is taken while using shared devices to sanitise hands immediately, and wipe the device immediately after use.  

Vehicle Cleaning

GuidanceAction to mitigate the introduction and spread of COVID-19
  Increase environmental cleaning (including between changes of passengers), ensure high touch surfaces are cleaned and disinfected regularly (prior to every pickup).    Our people who need to use other devices for work purposes (e.g. Digital Services), are instructed to use PPE items (gloves, masks), clean the device and sanitise their hands immediately after use of the device.    Cleaning checklist – high touch surfaces steering wheel and controls heat/air conditioner controls keys navigation/radio controls door handles (including the boot handle) visors window controls rear view mirror rear view mirror adjuster seat belt clips hand brake centre console gear stick radio mouthpiece (if applicable) glove box (if used)      
  Ensure adequate supplies of cleaning products, including detergent and disinfectant  Enough cleaning product supplies are stocked in vehicles.   Kojii officer keeps a record of the stock and monitors regularly sufficient supply is available in each vehicle.

Workplace redesign 

GuidanceAction to mitigate the introduction and spread of COVID-19
Physical distancing and limiting workplace attendance
  Modify the alignment of seating so that our people do not face one another.    Modify the alignment of seating so that our people do not face one another.
  Establish a system that ensures our people are not working across multiple vehicles.    Individuals work from one Kojii vehicle.
  Establish a system to screen employees and visitors before accessing the workplace.    Employers cannot require individuals to work when unwell.     A register is maintained to record details of all visitors, including their sign-in and sign-out times.   Drivers have been communicated to stay home if not well.  
  Modify seating so that our people do not face one another.  Passenger seating arrangement so individuals do not face each other directly to comply with safe physical distancing.
  Provide training to staff on physical distancing expectations while working and socialising.    Individuals are trained to maintain social distancing    Remind and enforce messaging to follow the guidelines from DHHS.  
  Review and update work rosters and timetables where possible to ensure temporary as well as physical distancing.    To ensure safe physical distance is maintained.  

Record Keeping

GuidanceAction to ensure effective record keeping
Record keeping 
  Establish a process to record the attendance of all passengers for each booking.        All passengers are required to fill in the Kojii Register Form with date, name and contact number information.
  Cleaning Register for Vehicles  Each vehicle has a cleaning register to capture sanitisation and complete cleaning activity.  

Arrangements for KOJII people physical and mental wellbeing 

Physical Health Support
  • DHHS health advice is regularly communicated to all people
  • Share wellbeing information
Mental Health Support 
  • Keep individuals informed, engaged and connected

Process to respond to a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case at workplace

If an employee, contactor, or passenger in vehicle is suspected to have COVID-19, or is found to be a close contact of someone who has tested positive to COVID-19, the following actions must be taken promptly to avoid the spread and manage the health risk to the employees. 

Isolate the person immediately:
  • If the person has serious symptoms such as difficulty breathing, call 000 for urgent medical help
  • Provide the appropriate PPE to the person suspected/confirmed case and isolate from others.
  • The person assisting must also put on appropriate PPEs  
Confirm the contact details of the person:

–     Before transporting the person home/medical facility, ensure you have their current contact details.

Transport the person home:
  • Ensure the person has transport to home, or to a medical facility if necessary
  • Ensure the person must

wearing a surgical mask,

sit in back seat, 

practise good hand hygiene& cough/sneeze hygiene, 

minimise the contact with anything

contactless payment (paying by card).

  • Do Not to use public transport unless there is no other option. If had to use public transport, must follow the advice from DHHS  
Trace the close contacts:

Provide records to help in assessing the risk and also might be requested by state health authority for investigating similar cases (i.e. clusters)

Close the infected areas and inform high risk people:
  • Do not let others use or enter the vehicle until areas have been cleaned and disinfected
  • Inform the close contact people about the risk they have been exposed to and provide appropriate advice and transport these close contacts home in personal mode of transports 
  • The close contacts must isolate themselves and get tested, and stay in isolation unless results are confirmed
  • Send all employees home and instruct them to follow DHHS guidelines while travelling home. Wherever possible, employees should use personal mode of transport and get themselves tested.
Clean and disinfect:

–     Records and Workplace should engage with cleaners to ensure that all areas and equipment or PPE that were used by the person concerned must then be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected or disposed of. 

  • Kojii must be informed about any confirmed or suspect cases who have been a passenger.
  • All employees should be informed about the cases and keep updated with the latest information
If the employee tests positive for COVID-19 notify WorkSafe Victoria immediately:
  • Kojii will contact WorkSafe Victoria to notify about the confirmed case and will share the details requested.
  • Act as directed by WorkSafe Victoria or call DHHS helpline to seek advice
Re-open the service: 
  • The vehicle must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected 
  • Our people to be informed when it is safe to return to vehicles
  • Our people must take care and follow the guidelines while working
  • Reinforce the message, any unwell or suspected person should stay home 

Review and Maintenance

The document will be reviewed and updated regularly to keep it current, and latest version would be made available in all vehicles.

VersionAuthorComments Date
0.1KojiiInitial Draft08/2020
1.0KojiiReiewed, edited and approved09/2020
1.0KojiiUpdated 11/2020

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