How to get to Avalon Airport

Avalon Airport is located approximately 50 minutes to the west of Melbourne.

Avalon Airport is 57 km from the Melbourne CBD.

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Travelling across the Westgate Bridge enjoy glimpses of majestic Melbourne as its west and northern suburbs spread before your eyes.

From the Westgate Freeway merge onto the Princess Freeway to continue the journey to destination Avalon Airport. Travelling to Avalon Airport is toll free.

Witness the spread of new developments and suburbs of Melbourne’s west as you pass by the various freeway exits.

A few options are available for your airport transfer to Avalon Airport. The choice you have is taxi, bus or chauffeur vehicle.

Taxi and Chauffeur vehicle for 2 people are comparable in price, bus and Chauffeur vehicle are comparable when you have a small group of 6 or 7 comparing the rate per person.

Service is the variance, if you prefer comfortable door to door with no queues it is best to pre-book a luxury ride.

Avalon Airport to Melbourne and Melbourne to Avalon Airport, private Luxury Vehicles available for Airport transfers.

For a low-cost luxury alternative Call or text Kojii +61 0466800100.